Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fudo Myo-o
16X20 $400 OBO

Some new paintings!

Got the idea to take photos after each session a little late for this one. But in the future I will be posting in progress photos as new projects begin to take shape. I have been really motivated to paint lately, most likely due to it being the winter and all. This one is of Tomomori. I plan on exploring this story more in the future. One of my favorites. This painting is 16x20 and is for sale. $400 obo ;)

here are some pics in various stages. I love to see unfinished artwork as much as finished sometimes. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Jason Goldberg

Jason is one of the first tattooers I met that wasnt a biker or on meth. He was also the first person to tell me to drop out of school and start tattooing. This might be the best advice I ever got. Not that I would reccomend doing that today but in 95 it was a pretty good idea. Thanks Jay!    Check out his website here>     JAG13

Friday, November 11, 2011

More tattoos! More tattoos! Gotta go get some more tattoos!

                                                                 Under the sea.

 Been doing a lot more portraits lately. I feel this is something I should push harder on. Not sure why I avoided doing them for so long, it really is challenging but rewarding to try to achieve a sense of realism in a tattoo. More to come hopefully!

Matthew has really great taste in tattoos. Different than my normal style I think but definitely a direction I need to incorporate into my tattooing more often.
 Adding more to this one tonight. A squid and an octopus to eventually make a full sleeve.
I did this black light painting for the 11-11-11 show at the Black Vulture Gallery in Philadelphia. Hosted by Dave Fox and featuring a guitar solo contest! Man, I wish I could be there!

Updates coming soon!

Been busy making some really fun tattoos. Painting as much as possible and loving every minute of it. Cant wait to see how long this lasts!

 In may Silver City Tattoo turned 13! We celebrated on friday the 13th with all of our friends at the shop. Good times! This is me tattooing the man responsible for the entertainment. Tony Reed of the Mos Generator and Stone Axe. If you have been tattooed by me most likely you heard them. If not please check out anything Tony is involved in. You will not be disapointed! Here is a place to start Tony Reed
 Mykey, my brother and Larry.
 Drew from Glenside Tattoo in Pennsylvania (HERE) helping out while we were partyng next door. If you live anywhere near Philly definitely check them out. Drew also started my backpiece the next day. Ouch!
 This one is a bit older. A coverup although for the life of me I cant remember what was under there.
 An's Back. A couple of years in the making but well worth the wait!The black at the bottom is fresh in these photos.

 Brian's Christ. I love making black and grey religious style tattoos. Wish I got to do more.
 I like making them in color also.
 Lion on Raven.
 Part of Kyles 2nd horror sleeve. Again, its nice to work in different styles.

 My brothers kittens while we were in ocean city. My daughter kittensat the whole time we were there and got payed way too much for it. They are huge now.
 Medusa on Doug. Its a full sleeve and we have maybe 3 more sessions. Hope to finish it soon.
 Tiger Jam.